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We empower churches, schools, and community organizations by securely simplifying their giving, payment and financial management. This allows them to focus on what truly matters: cultivating a brighter future for their communities.

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Years of serving schools, churches and nonprofits


Schools, churches, child care and community organizations rely on Vanco

15 million

Students and 11 million parents access Vanco's platform


Churches using Vanco see an average of 26% boost in giving

Software and online payments trusted by organizations large and small



Who we serve 澳洲幸运10历史开奖记录详解,官方开奖结果直播计划与号码走势图

Vanco serves a wide variety of community organizations and software vendors, each with their own needs. Vanco’s technology connects more than 45,000 faith-based, nonprofit, professional services and education organizations nationwide.

For more than 30 years, churches, school districts, child care providers, adult education programs and other organizations have trusted Vanco for their payments, donations and administrative software needs. At our heart, we believe every transaction tells the story of the impact our clients are making in the communities they serve.

We exist to serve those who enrich their communities. Vanco assists organizations that enhance the lives of their neighbors, volunteers, leaders, child care providers and educators.

We know the work our clients do isn’t easy. We offer the technology necessary for them to achieve their goals, succeed, educate and improve their lives. That’s why we are here, and we know we can serve you.

I have always found the folks at Vanco to be the most helpful. This was especially true when I was just getting oriented to your payment processing system. You have been proactive in our needs and I have found your hosted online payments page very friendly.
Notre Dame de La Salette - Georgetown, Illinois
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Help your organization thrive

We help schools, districts, nonprofits and faith-based organizations by providing the financial and administrative software they need to succeed.

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Full Payments Capabilities

We make payments and giving easy — including online, mobile, POS and more.

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Unparallelled Support

Vanco customers receive unmatched support from launch to long-term success.

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Deep Technology Integrations

Vanco’s solutions are integrated with over 140 software vendors, including the software you currently use to manage your operations.

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With no long-term contracts and low rates, it’s no wonder why 45,000 clients use Vanco.

You have goals.
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